Booking Terms and Conditions

Getaway Trekking Pty Ltd

The website (the “Site”) is owned and operated by Getaway Trekking Pty Ltd (ABN 55 166 134 053) trading as Adventure School Treks. In these booking terms and conditions the expressions “Company”, “Adventure School Treks”, “we”, “our” or “us” mean Getaway Trekking Pty Ltd in the provision of the services it agrees to provide (where the context permits, including its and their employees and agents) and the expressions “you”, “your”, “client” or the “passenger” include a person seeking or requiring the services offered by Adventure School Treks, all other persons (if any) included with that person in the booking and that person’s or those persons’ travel agent (if any).

Adventure School Treks arranges bookings, ticketing and other ancillary services of and related to travel and accommodation including but not limited to treks, hikes, walks, air travel, hotels, transfers and leisure/adventure activities (“Travel Products”).

Adventure School Treks is neither a common carrier nor a private carrier, and does not itself provide any of the Travel Products described in its marketing material or on the Site. Adventure School Treks acts as your agent in making the arrangements with third party suppliers, who provide the Travel Products to you as principals (“Suppliers”), and is not the agent of any such Supplier.

By booking and paying a deposit for any Travel Products, you (if booking directly or through a travel agent) and your travel agent on your behalf (if booking through a travel agent) acknowledge and confirm that you have read our booking terms and conditions, that you accept them without reservation as constituting the entire agreement between you and us which cannot be varied other than by an officer of the Company in writing.

Bookings of all Travel Products we arrange are provided by Suppliers we believe to be reputable and who operate in accordance with the standards set down by their own local authorities. Those Travel Products are provided subject to those Suppliers’ terms, conditions and limitations (some of which may exclude or limit liability in respect of death, injury, delay, loss or damage to person and/or effects) and we accept no responsibility for them nor do we make or give any warranty or representation as to their standard, quality or fitness for any particular purpose. Any legal recourse you may have in respect of those Travel Products is against those Suppliers and not against us.

It is a mandatory requirement of all passengers to take out adequate travel insurance for the duration of their travel arrangement booked through Adventure School Treks.

All Travel Products shown in our promotional materials and on the Site may be booked, subject to availability at the time of booking.

We endeavour to ensure the accuracy and currency of all prices displayed in our promotional material and on the Site. Prices are:

  • specified in the currency stated in the brochure or on the relevant page of the Site (generally in Australian dollars) and are subject to change without notice;
  • indicative only and subject to change until all of your booking details have been provided to us and we have confirmed your booking;
  • airfares are subject to change until paid in full and the ticket issued; and
  • for the number of persons or items on the conditions stated in the promotional material or on the relevant page of the Site, including but not limited to any hover box.

“From” Prices
The expression “from” with respect to a price means the lowest price for the Travel Product we believe is available at the time of publication, based on information we have received from Suppliers.

Itineraries and Quotes
You may research and view itineraries on the Site and obtain a quote from the Site or by contacting our Call Centre or through a travel agent. Any quote is an estimate only of the current price and subject to change until a booking is confirmed and you receive a unique Adventure School Treks booking number or, if a quote for an airfare, until it is paid and ticketed. Payment terms are subject to individual Supplier requirements and will be advised at the time of booking.

Taxes, Charges and Currency Fluctuation
Government taxes, port charges and other charges imposed by Suppliers or third parties (including ticketing fees, airline and cruise line fuel surcharges) are subject to change. If there are any increases in such taxes, charges or Supplier rates or any currency fluctuation which increase the price of your booking, we reserve the right to change the price you must pay by including the additional charges or amount (together with any applicable service fee and GST) at any time prior to and including the date of your departure, even if we have received full payment from you.

We will notify you of any such price changes that result in your travel arrangements being materially different from those prior to the change being effected and in respect of which we have already accepted your deposit or full payment. If so, and you do not wish to alter your travel arrangements, you may cancel them and monies you have already paid, less any charges levied by Suppliers, will be refunded. Any refund will be calculated at the currency exchange rate that applied when the booking was confirmed.

We reserve the right to correct any errors in fees, charges, rates or prices quoted or billed, even if we have received full payment from you.

What’s Not Included in the Holiday Price
The price does not include airfares (unless otherwise stated), gratuities / tips (unless otherwise stated), passport and visa fees, insurance, laundry, phone calls, beverages, meals not detailed in the itinerary, porter fees (where applicable) items of a personal nature, excess baggage, expenses, fees or costs incurred in case of illness, or of refusal of entry to, detention in, or expulsion or repatriation from a country or part of a country. We are not liable for any expense, costs or loss incurred in relation to such matters and you release us from all liability, damages or responsibility in relation to them.

Payment for Travel Product bookings can be made via EFT (electronic funds transfer), cheque/cash and/or credit card. Credit Card payments will attract a non-refundable transaction fee of 2.6% for Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Depending on the Supplier’s terms and conditions of booking, you may be able to hold a Travel Product without payment, pay a deposit for it or you may be required to make an immediate payment in full.

Final payment due date varies by Supplier and will be stated on your booking confirmation. As a general guide, final payments are due 95 or 75 days prior to the departure date depending on your  destination. Failure to remit payment by the due date may result in automatic booking cancellation with applicable cancellation fees charged.

Hold – You will be notified whether a Travel Product may be held and the period it may be held. If held, you must pay a deposit or full payment in accordance with these terms and conditions and the notification (generally within 3 days of it being held, unless your date of travel is less than 90 days from departure).

Deposit – Unless otherwise notified you must pay a deposit to secure the booking. The deposit value varies by Supplier and you will be notified upon booking confirmation of the deposit amount required to confirm your travel booking.

Immediate payment – You will be notified if any Travel Product within a booking requires immediate payment in full. You must make that payment immediately to secure the Travel Product at the notified price.

If you fail to make any required payment outlined above, your booking is automatically cancelled unless we notify you otherwise in writing.

A travel agent who makes a booking at your request is your agent and is not the Company’s agent for the purpose of receipt of the deposit or any part of the price.

Adventure School Treks reserves the right to cancel a departure and will advise you of such cancellations no later than 30 days before the tour departure date. In that instance, you will be offered the opportunity to trek at another time, choose a different destination, or receive a refund. Adventure School Treks will not be responsible for additional expenses incurred – e.g. airfares, travel insurance, etc.

Force Majeure
Adventure School Treks will not be liable for any delay in, change to or cancellation of trips due to ‘Force Majeure’. ‘Force Majeure’ means a circumstance beyond the reasonable control of Adventure School Treks and includes, but is not limited to, war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, disease, industrial or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire and strikes. In case of ‘Force Majeure’ or government travel advice, Adventure School Treks will make every effort to transfer your trek to another date or destination. Depending on how close your trek date is, refunds of any kind may not be available. Adventure School Treks will not be liable for any additional costs incurred by you.

Adventure School Treks or its third party reserve the right either before or during the tour to refuse to carry or accommodate any client which it reasonably considers, in the light of the best interests of all participants in the tour, to be unsuitable by reason of physical or mental condition or unruly behaviour.

Evacuation (Papua New Guinea)
In the unlikely event of an evacuation, Adventure School Treks reserves the right to pass on costs incurred in Port Moresby, including transport, logistical support and communications. Clients should submit these costs to their travel insurance company as part of their claim.

Withdrawal from the Trek (Papua New Guinea)
Trekkers who have to withdraw from the trek for medical or any other reason, will be required to return to Australia on the first available International flight. They will also be required to meet any personal accommodation, transport and medical expenses incurred whilst in Port Moresby and claim these against their personal travel insurance policy. Adventure School Treks will not accept liability for any of these expenses.

If you wish to cancel all or any part of your booking, notification of cancellation must be made to Adventure School Treks in writing. The date of the cancellation is the date on which written notification is received by Adventure School Treks.

The following cancellation charges apply per person on cancellation 60 days or more prior to trip departure – Loss of deposit

  • Between 30 and 59 days prior to trip departure – 50% of total booking cost or loss of deposit; whichever is the greater
  • Less than 30 days prior to departure – 100% of total booking cost

In both instances, where Adventure School Treks is the reseller, financial penalties for cancelling your trip from our supplier will be passed on to you, in full.
No refunds will be made if you voluntarily leave a trip for any reason after the trip has begun. Refunds will be at the discretion of Adventure School Treks if you are involuntarily forced to leave a trip for any reason. No refunds will be made for any accommodation, transport, sightseeing, meals or services not utilised. Please note that these conditions apply to land content only. You are strongly advised to take out cancellation insurance at the time of booking which will cover cancellation penalties in certain circumstances (Note: such insurance will not cover a change of mind).

If you do not pay the balance of your total booking cost at least 60 days prior to departure, your booking may be terminated and you will lose your deposit. Additional Adventure School Treks cancellation penalties may apply.

No refunds will be made if you leave a trip for any reason after the trip has begun. No refunds will be made for any accommodation, transport, sightseeing, meals or services not utilised.

We arrange the provision of Travel Products which are provided by Suppliers. We do not ourselves provide the Travel Products you may receive on your holiday. Where Adventure School Treks provides services it will do so with due care and skill.

Suppliers Terms and Conditions
Supply of the Travel Products is made, and all itineraries, electronic documentation, coupons and exchange orders (collectively “vouchers”) are issued to you, upon the Supplier’s terms and conditions that are then in use, including as to the applicable laws, requirements and policies of any government authority related to, among others, visas, entry, exit or transfer requirements. Your acceptance of the vouchers constitutes those terms and conditions as the entire agreement between you and the relevant Supplier and you bear all costs or losses incurred as a consequence of your failure to comply with them.

Exclusion of Liability
In the absence of our negligence, we are not liable for any cancellations, diversions, substitution of equipment, variations, postponements or any other act, omission or default (whether negligent or otherwise) of any Supplier nor are we liable for any loss or damage to baggage or property, injury, illness or death, or any other loss (including consequential loss) damage or claim whatsoever arising from the act, error, omission, default or negligence of any person not our direct employee or under our exclusive control.

We are not responsible for any criminal conduct of any third party.
We are not liable for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expenses or inconvenience caused by your acts, omissions or defaults, your state of health, medical condition or circumstances or other reasons which are beyond our control, including force majeure events or failure of equipment or machinery.

To the extent permitted by law, all express and implied warranties, guarantees, representations or terms are expressly excluded.

Where the law implies any warranty guarantee or condition which cannot be excluded, our liability to you for breach thereof is limited to supplying the services again or payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.

Maximum Liability
Despite any other provision of these terms and conditions, to the extent permitted by law, our maximum liability to you or any third party is limited to the price you have paid us for the booking.

Holiday Variations
We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule departures and itineraries if required by circumstances beyond our control. Where it is necessary to change a hotel we will endeavour to substitute accommodation of no lesser standard.

Insurance It is a mandatory requirement of all passengers to take out adequate travel insurance against forfeiture of payment, loss of deposits, cancellation charges, baggage loss, medical expenses, theft and other contingencies. This is a condition of our licence with the Kokoda Track Authority, and you will not be allowed to trek without proof of cover. Failure to provide this will result in forfeit of all payments made. We make no representations as to what you may recover under any insurance. You agree not to hold us responsible for any decision of insurers, and/or any Supplier, or the requirements of any foreign government authority, foreign law or policy.

Passport Checks
You must ensure names used to make a booking are exactly as appear in passports. Any name/initial or spelling changes made after booking confirmation may result in Supplier imposed fees and/or you being unable to travel.

Passports, Visa, Vaccinations and Baggage
A visa does not guarantee you entry to, or permission to remain in a country. Some countries may refuse entry or may detain, expel or repatriate you because of your state of health, medical condition or other reasons. You are responsible for all visas, entry, health and other requirements and all documents required by the laws, regulations, orders and/or requirements of countries you intend to visit. You should check the requirements of those countries with their embassies or consulates or other authorities.

We accept no responsibility if you are refused entry into any country you intend to visit and you release us from all damages, expenses, costs, liabilities or loss you incur in relation to such matters.

To ensure the safety of yourself and others, it may be necessary for us to disclose details of your health or medical condition to Suppliers. You authorise us to make such disclosure and you agree that our doing so is not a breach of confidence or duty and that you will not hold us liable in tort, in contract or under any privacy or anti-discrimination laws.

Travel Booking Information
All travel arrangements are made properly and in accordance with Australian law, through ATAS Licence Number A13805.

Promotional material and Site Accuracy
We endeavour to ensure that details are accurate at the time of publication and that the Site is and remains accurate at all times. However, we cannot be held responsible for printing or typographical errors or errors arising from unforeseen circumstances.

Personal Carrier (Kokoda Track, Papua New Guinea)
You have the option of employing a Personal Carrier to carry your pack. The cost is detailed on your itinerary and must be paid no later than the due date of your final trek payment.
You may choose to carry your own pack, however in the event that a trekker is unable to do so, and requires a personal carrier once he/she has arrived in PNG, or at any stage throughout the trek, the trekker will be charged a 20% extra fee on top of the Personal Carrier fee.

In the event that a trekker requires the services of more than one personal carrier (i.e. cannot carry his/her day pack), we will charge a minimum fee of $50 per day, which we will hold in our ‘Porter Wellbeing’ account.

These funds are used to provide health services to porters who need them – we greatly value our team and seek always to ensure they are provided with a safe and supportive workplace and that health issues arising are dealt with appropriately

Standard of Service
The standard of service for your holiday is based on various factors and we do not represent or guarantee a particular standard or fitness for purpose of the accommodation or services provided.

Changes to your Itinerary
You acknowledge that travelling with Adventure School Treks requires a degree of flexibility, and an understanding that the itinerary, accommodation, and/or modes of transport may change, even after a tour’s commencement, without prior notice due to local circumstances. Changes may occur because of ‘Force Majeure’, poor road conditions, weather, the availability of tickets, vehicle breakdowns, changes in transport schedules, or other circumstances beyond Adventure School Treks’ control or which simply cannot be foreseen. Adventure School Treks does not accept any responsibility for loss of enjoyment, delays or compensation resulting from circumstances beyond Adventure School Treks’s control. You acknowledge that stated group sizes may also vary following your booking unless otherwise stated that a maximum group size will be adhered to.

The information about trips provided by Adventure School Treks, Trip Notes and Pre-Departure Information are subject to change. It is your responsibility to review the up-to-date Trip Notes and Pre-Departure Information provided by Adventure School Treks.The information and conditions in the Trip Notes and Pre-Departure Information are deemed to be part of the contract. Where changes to your trip occur after you have received your final documentation we will, where practical, advise you or your travel agent of such changes.

Leader Authority
At all times the decision of the Adventure School Treks leader or representative (“Adventure School Treks Leader”) will be final on all matters likely to affect the safety and well-being of the trip. This includes any decision that the Adventure School Treks Leader makes about your on-going participation in the trip or certain activities that comprise part of the trip. If you fail to comply with a decision made by a Adventure School Treks Leader, or interfere with the well-being of the group, then the Adventure School Treks Leader reserves the right to terminate this contract and order you to leave the tour immediately, with no right of refund.

Health, Fitness and Age Limits
It is your responsibility to advise Adventure School Treks of any pre-existing medical condition and/or disability that might reasonably be expected to increase the risk of you requiring medical attention, or that might affect the normal conduct of a tour and the enjoyment of other trip members. If requested by Adventure School Treks, or our suppliers, you may be required to provide an assessment of your medical condition by completing a special Health & Fitness Questionnaire and/or a Medical Clearance Form, the latter which requires certification by a medical practitioner. Adventure School Treks reserves the right, at its reasonable discretion, to cancel your booking and refund the money paid by you, less any unrecoverable costs. Adventure School Treks also reserves the right to cancel your participation in a trip at any time, including after the commencement of your trip, with no right of refund if your medical condition and/or disability could be reasonably expected to affect the normal conduct of the trip and the enjoyment of other trip members.

Generally, we do not allow travellers under the age of 13 years. However we will occasionally make exceptions for under-18s travelling with their legal guardian or following discussion with parents or legal guardian. The decision for any person under 18 years of age to travel on our scheduled itineraries is at the absolute discretion of the management of Adventure School Treks.

Frequent Flyer Points
Airfares may or may not attract Frequent Flyer points. This decision rests with the airline and is not our responsibility.

We endeavour to ensure that the arrangements we have made for you are implemented as arranged. If a problem occurs, the most practical way to deal with it is to attempt resolution locally with the Supplier. If you fail to follow this course, any claim for compensation may be reduced or denied. If you have any unresolved complaint, details should be lodged in writing (with supporting documentation, including efforts made with the Supplier to resolve it) with your travel agent or directly with us within 30 days of your holiday concluding.

Your Privacy
We will handle your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which is posted on the Site or will be sent to you upon request. Your booking of any Travel Product constitutes your representation to us that you have read our Privacy Policy and accept its application to you.

Website Terms of Use
By using the Site to browse and/or book any Travel Product, you represent to us that you have read our Website Terms of Use posted on the Site and you accept its application to you.

Law and Jurisdiction
The agreement between us and you in respect of the services to be provided is constituted solely by these terms and conditions and is governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia. We and you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Victoria and the Courts of appeal therefrom.

Understanding these Terms and Conditions
If you do not understand any aspect of these terms and conditions you should seek advice from an appropriately qualified person.