Life changing experience at 16 years old!
It’s not often that someone can say they’ve hiked the Kokoda track. But it’s even less often that someone can say they’ve had a life changing experience at 16 years old.


But in spending 8 days trekking with what was predominately a group of strangers, I was exposed to a whole new purpose of life; living in the moment. From building green tables for the kids of Boona, to singing an extremely pitchy rendition of Advance Australia Fair for 40 school children at 9pm, Getaway Trekking endorsed, above all, making the most of the opportunities in front of us. I did not believe I would physically be able to complete such a feat, but as we crossed under the Kokoda sign under the sun of day 8 it was the mental strength I had gained; the resilience, self-confidence and optimism, that truly left me in awe. 

As I venture to complete year 12, what is meant to be the hardest year of schooling, I have never been happier, and I can greatly attest much of this contentment and excitement for the future to the people I met in PNG, and the diverse psychological and emotional mountains I faced and overcame, whilst climbing, ironically, literal mountains. The Getaway Trekking team, especially our leaders Brian and Wayne, ensured that, below safety and wellbeing, a wholesome experience stood as their main priority, and now as I sit in class, I am no longer daydreaming of the memories I hope to have in the future, but of the experiences I have had when I was staying in PNG, from playing rugby at sunset on the shores of Boona, to being serenaded by ’the boys’ whilst sweating up steep terrain and loving every minute of it.